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Ending our year with some “Advanced” inspiration!

Hello everyone! How would you describe your style?… Modern, Conservative, Sporty or …. Eclectic?  Think about it for a moment. The inspiration behind Vidal Sassoon’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection was all about “Eclecticism” arising from the “Advanced Style” started by older women who are usually considered ‘invisible’ by the fashion system.  The photograph shown above was…Continue Reading

Your scalp and the four seasons

Hello everyone! Ever wonder whether composer Antonio Vivaldi had any scalp issues?… Probably not. Most people are not even “aware” about the state of their own scalp! According to literature, Vivaldi was constitutionally weak and sickly. However, he inherited his father’s musical abilities as well as his flaming red hair. Listening to “The Four Seasons”…Continue Reading

A Touch Of Inspiration From Japan… (shapes & forms)

Hello Everyone! It was 6am in the morning on Friday April 15, my husband messaged me asking whether we “felt the earthquake”. “What earthquake? Where?”, I replied, nonchalantly. Apparently an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 had shook Kumamoto City the night prior in Southern Kyushu killing at least 47 people and injuring 3000 others. Fortunately we…Continue Reading

Yoko’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

How do you like the shot I took from my Blackberry at Queens Park in New Westminster over the New Year? Never even knew that this park even existed until we took a drive up there to “discover something NEW”! Yes, the art of “discovering something new” everyday… one of my many resolutions for this…Continue Reading

Checking out cool Street Art in Montreal!!

In Montreal INSPIRATION is everywhere!! As I strolled the streets of Montreal simmering in July’s sweltering sun, I witnessed many beautiful wall art. I would call them a very upscale version of what we all know as ‘GRAFFITI’. Their exciting colour combinations and amazing details are eye-catching and make walking in the city a joy……Continue Reading