Micro Mist

What is Micro Mist?

At Yoko’s, this is an essential technology we use for our special hair treatments and signature head spa. This is a machine which uses ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous amount of microscopic water particles much smaller than those of a steamer that permeate deeper into the hair follicles.

After treatment, cooling air blows to reinforce fixation of treatment agents to the hair follicles, while at the same time induces a very relaxing and calming sensation for the clients.
Therefore, treatment products used in combination with the Micro Mist penetrate more efficiently and much more deeply, resulting in longer lasting hair color/perm, phenomenal shine, smoothness and condition of the hair for both men and women.

How Micro Mist works on the hair

Structure of the Hair Follicle

Structure of the Hair Follicle

Example of Damaged HairExample of Damaged Hair: CMC (cell membrane complex) flows out of the hair follicle which cause damage to the inside of the cortex.




Example of Healthy Hair:Example of Healthy Hair:
The healthy hair CMC (cell membrane complex) is protecting
the cortex.




Micro Mist MachineMicro Mist effectsMicro Mist Treatment-1: The cortex is opened by the 40~50C Micro mist and the treatment agent is penetrated in to the cortex which helps to repair the hair follicle.





Micro Mist TreatmentsMicro Mist Treatment-2: After completing the introduction of the heat, Micro Mist is suddenly cools down, which helps the treatment agent to stay in the hair follicle.

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