Shinso Therapy for Total Body Realignment

SHINSO THERAPY is another service that is provided by our qualified staff. Shinso Therapy is a ground breaking new Japanese medical approach to total body realignment.

Its concept centers on the belief that the root cause of various pain and internal disorders often stem from “functional asymmetry” of the body. This means that the muscles on both sides of the body are not functioning symmetrically to one other; hence, the body is out of whack. Unlike conventional medicine which focuses on treating the symptoms, Shinso Therapy simply seeks to regain symmetry of the whole body, regardless of the diagnosis.

After a thorough physical assessment unique to Shinso Therapy, the treatment is performed via using gentle movements such as flexing, rotating, gentle pulling and pressing to allow the spine and the pelvis to return to their normal position. The ultimate goal of this therapy is to “retrieve functional symmetry” of the muscles of the body by triggering cells to recognize its original proper function.

Although it may require a few sessions for overall symptoms to disappear, one will often experience a deep sense of relaxation, grounding and also regain greater mobility after the initial session.

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