11 quirky facts about HAIR!

We love our hair industry and we LOVE to work with this amazing material called ‘HAIR’!  Here are some cool facts you may not know…



  1. Hair is mainly Keratin, the same protein found in animal horns, beaks, feathers and claws.  However, the closest keratin in the animal kingdom to human hair is sheep wool.
  2. Each strand of hair can support around 100g in weight.  Your entire head of hair that consists on average 100,000~150,000 strands could support the weight of 2 elephants!
  3. A healthy strand of hair when wet, can stretch out 30% of its original length.  Curly hair will shrink 40% when wet. wet-hair
  4. Hair grows faster in warm climates because heat stimulates circulation and hair growth.
  5. Hair stores all your historical information in your bloodstream, including drugs you may have been taking.  The only factor that cannot be determined in hair is gender. DurgHairTest
  6. Black is the most common colour.  Red only exists in 1% of the world next to blonde at 2%
  7. Hair is: 50% carbon/ 21% oxygen/ 17% nitrogen/ 6%hydrogen/ 5% sulfur.
  8. Hair density varies with natural hair colour:  The greatest density is seen in blondes and brunettes at around 140,000 strands; 108,000 in black hair, while redheads have the fewest at 90,000.
  9. Hair texture depends on the shape of the follicle: A round follicle is straight hair, an oval shape is wavy and an elliptical shape is curly or spiral texture.


10. Other than bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body

11.The scientific name for “split ends” is “trichoptilosis”! (try repeating it 10x!)



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