Vidal Sassoon precision cutting, we work with hair in its natural state, treat hair as an organic material and thrive to achieve sophisticated and contemporary looks personalized for every individual.

  • Women’s cut: $185~$290
  • Men’s cut: $110~$180

BLOW DRYING (always combined with a Japanese Hair Reconstructing Treatment):

At Yoko’s Haute Coiffure, unless you are one of our regular clients who are using our exclusive hair/scalp care products and have good hair and shape, our blow drying service will automatically include a tailored shampoo followed by a 20min Japanese Hair Reconstructing Treatment using the Micro Mist.  A blow dry on dry, damaged hair will never look good.  For us, it is essential that the scalp is in good condition via using the appropriate cleanser as healthy scalp grows healthy hair, just like growing vegetables in fertile soil.  The treatment will replenish all missing nutrients, hydration in the hair and produce shine and softness.  Who doesn’t want to look good prior to going out?…

You may also combine a blow dry service with one of our Japanese Scalp Treatments (please ask us for pricing as this will depend on the course options).

With a Hair Revitalizing Treatment:  short hair: $110  /  medium length: $130~$150   /  longer length :  $170~$190

HAIR COLOURING: (we use Non-Toxic, PPD-Free Colour)

Be-Transformed: $160~
A global color change to create a totally new look personalised to suit your skin tone.

Be-Renewed: $150~
A re-growth tint application for total coverage to keep your hair looking perfect.

Be-Creative: Based upon consultation
Creative color placement.

Be Shimmering
See yourself in a shimmering new light with perfectly placed fine foil highlights or lowlights. Price will vary with hair density.

  • Full Head: $300~
  • Half Head: $200~
  • Partial Head: $160~

Be-lightened: $190~
An all over bleach application from roots to ends completed with a specific toner to create a natural or sensational blonde.

Color Correction: Based upon consultation $180/hr



*75 MIN SIGNATURE AUTHENTIC JAPANESE HEAD SPA (85min in total): 155$~   (Note: $155 is for very short hair /   $165~$175 for shoulder length /   $185~195 for past the scapular length / $205~215 for length down to waist)

An absolute Cloud 9 experience that is fully TAILORED to your scalp/hair needs. The Ultimate full body treatment involving all the elements of an Authentic  Head Spa using Rene Furterer high grade botanical hair care products.   Following a thorough scalp analysis, you will enjoy 25min of pre-massage using a blend of scalp preparation essential oils, pre-shampoo hair treatment, micro-mist, exfoliation, 2 deep cleansing methods, hair mask, a specialized rinse, facial shiatsu, arm/hand and leg/foot massage.  A simple light hand drying is included unless followed by a cut service in which case it will be a professional blow out.   NOTE: *Extra charge for professional blow drying using styling products and tools.

**  45 MIN JAPANESE TOU-HI SCALP TREATMENT (50min in total) : $100~   (Note: $100  for very short hair/    $110~120 for shoulder length/   $130~140 for scapular length / $150~160 for length down to waist)

The 40 min Japanese Scalp Treatment is different from the Signature Head Spa in that the FOCUS is entirely on the HEAD.  Geared towards the men who want short,  sweet with targeted results.   It will also start off with a scalp analysis.   You will enjoy 25min of pre-massage using a blend of scalp preparation essential oils, micro-mist, exfoliation, professional deep cleansing of the follicles and finished off with a hair treatment and a specialized rinse.   It is also an option for those who have already experienced our 75 min Signature Head Spa and who are looking for something short and sweet.  A simple light hand drying is included unless followed by a cut service.   NOTE: *Extra charge for professional blow drying using styling products and tools. 

NEW!! ** DELUXE ORGANIC SCACIAL (90 MIN): ($210 for short hair /  $220~$230 for shoulder length hair / $240~$250 for scapular length):

The Signature Japanese Organic Scacial is driven by the pursuit of healthy scalp and healthy face skin without chemical compromise. The scalp and face are one continuous skin.  Flabby, untoned, toxic scalp will have a domino effect on the facial muscles causing wrinkling and sagging. When the scalp is healthy, everything is pulled up.

This service will begin with our classic scalp treatment (no scalp analysis in this service) using Rene Furterer product line to purify, detox, exfoliate, deep cleanse the scalp and treat the hair, followed by a decadent hour of facial starting from the décolleté utilizing the full spectrum of the scientifically innovative formulas of Austalia’s GROWN ALCHEMIST.  All their products contain no lauryl sulphate, petrochemicals, animal derivatives, synthetic colors, silicones or parabens.  The GA philosophy is it improve skin health and optimize skin function to ultimately slow down the aging process.  The service will end with a light hand dry.
** NOTE:  Professional blow drying using styling products and tools will be extra cost and must be indicated at the time of booking.

NEW!! as of Jan 2020
Grown Alchemist Organic Skincare TRY-ME MINI FACIAL (30min):
Curious about how this new organic skincare line would feel on your skin? Looking for just a cleanser, or a day cream or are you wanting something specific like an exfoliator and masque for special care? Or you may be looking for a new non-toxic skincare line all together?
For our salon clients:  Book this mini facial for only $45 prior to your shaping or during your colour service and get a taste of the True Power of Nature! 

Your Try-Me Mini Facial will consist of: (*Note: There will be no massaging in this short service)

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Masque
  • Toner
  • Detox serum
  • Day Cream



If hair loss is an issue for you, we offer a series of 10  – 45min Japanese Tou-Hi Scalp Treatments at a reduced rate (10% off the cost of your treatment price pertaining to your hair length/density) when purchased as a bundle.  In order to see any results, there is no use doing one hair loss treatment if you are not committed to maintaining it both at home with the proper scalp care and with regular in-salon scalp treatments.  You will get ultimate unclogging of follicles and detoxing with an in-salon service.

On your first visit, based on a thorough consultation, we would  recommend the best scalp care options that would be suitable for you and your lifestyle.  We also strongly encourage you to purchase our own unique “GENKI IKUMO CARE PACK” which we have carefully selected to help you get the optimal results in your journey to scalp/hair health. For those who purchase our Genki Ikumo Care Pack (including the Triphasic 3 month supply), we will provide a FREE 1 MONTH SUPPLY of VITALFAN Supplements to complement your Progressive Hair Loss Treatment.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding this service.


*B-YU SILKY TREATMENT:  Done after a colour service or as an à la carte service (30min): $55 (S), $65 (M), $75~$85 (L) Note: Blow dry not included.

To ensure ultimate hydration, dramatically improved hair texture, long lasting color and shine, we highly recommend clients to receive this treatment after a color service to seal in color, hydration and prevent colour fading.   Blow drying not included unless preceding a hair cut.