Authentic Japanese Scalp Treatments

At Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa, we are proud to offer the one and only “Authentic Japanese Head Spa” Scalp Treatment.


“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp just like a plant in fertile soil”.

This is similar to a  “FACIAL FOR THE SCALP”.  The most important factor in a Head Spa is boosting MICRO-CIRCULATION and UNCLOGGING the follicles.  We begin treatment by thoroughly analyzing and diagnosing your scalp. We carefully select the shampoo/mask tailored to your condition. The procedure involves preparing, exfoliating, deep cleansing, massaging and treating both scalp and hair using Japanese technology and our unique massaging and shampooing techniques. The result is ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation due to increased micro-circulation and lymph flow throughout the body.


Yes, there are 3 kinds:

*SIGNATURE AUTHENTIC JAPANESE HEAD SPA (75 min): 155$~   (Note: $155 is for very short hair /   $165~$175 for shoulder length /   $185~195 for past the scapular length / $205~215 for length down to waist)

An absolute Cloud 9 experience that is fully TAILORED to your scalp/hair needs. The Ultimate full body treatment involving all the elements of an Authentic  Head Spa using Rene Furterer high grade botanical hair care products.   Following a thorough scalp analysis, you will enjoy 25min of pre-massage using a blend of scalp preparation essential oils, pre-shampoo hair treatment, micro-mist, exfoliation, 2 deep cleansing methods, hair mask, Acerola cherry vinegar rinse, facial shiatsu, arm/hand and leg/foot massage.  A simple light hand drying is included unless followed by a cut service in which case it will be a professional blow out.   NOTE: *Extra charge for professional blow drying using styling products and tools.

**  40 MIN JAPANESE TOU-HI SCALP TREATMENT: $100~   (Note: $100  for very short hair/    $110~120 for shoulder length/   $130~140 for scapular length / $150~160 for length down to waist)

The 40 min Japanese Scalp Treatment is different from the Signature Head Spa in that the FOCUS is entirely on the HEAD.  It will also start off with a scalp analysis, Following a thorough scalp analysis, you will enjoy 25min of pre-massage using a blend of scalp preparation essential oils, micro-mist, exfoliation, professional deep cleansing of the follicles and finished off with a hair treatment and Acerola cherry vinegar rinse.   It is also an option for those who have already experienced our 75 min Signature Head Spa and who are looking for something short and sweet.  A simple light hand drying is included unless followed by a cut service.   NOTE: *Extra charge for professional blow drying using styling products and tools. 


If hair loss is an issue for you, you may be interested in our package deal.  However, in order to see any results, there is no use doing one hair loss treatment if you do not wish to maintain it both at home with the proper scalp care and with regular in-salon scalp treatments. Based on a thorough consultation, we would  recommend you purchase the TRIPHASIC OR RF 80 PROGRESSIVE HAIR LOSS TREATMENT OR REACTIONARY HAIR LOSS TREATMENT (1 month or 3 month supply) along with the appropriate scalp care products we recommend for you to begin making changes at home.  We also strongly recommend you combine your regular home care with a professionally done scalp treatment every 2 weeks to enhance the effectiveness.  For those of you who purchase the monthly supply of TRIPHASIC or RF 80, we offer a set of 10 Japanese Scalp Treatment sessions for $900 (each session will be $90 for short hair) or 5 sessions for $950 (each session will be $95 for short hair) .  Unless there are any other scalp issues complicating with the actual hair loss, we would perform a scope analysis every 1~ 2 months to keep track of your progress.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding this service.  You may also inquire if you choose to experience either our 75min Signature Authentic Japanese Head Spa or 40min Japanese Tou-Hi Scalp Treatment.





Yes, the TRIPHASIC is to treat progressive hair loss and RF80 is for any stress-related or post-partum hair loss :

RENE FURTERER — the foremost expert in hair and scalp health —  has been France’s #1 leader in ALL NATURAL Anti-Hair Loss products for 14 consecutive years.  Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa is now proud to have a hair loss program dedicated to helping those who suffer from either Progressive or Reactionary hair loss.  In 2018, Rene Furterer has reformulated both anti-hair loss treatments and has created the TRIPHASIC PROGRESSIVE: the 1st effective, life-giving, hair regrowth concentrate.  The results are amazing!!  This is the ultimate 100% NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to hair loss.  A 3 month commitment is required for you to see results and we highly recommend you combine it with a Hair ReGrowth Ritual Exclusive Head Spa once a month. A once or twice a week application of a vile on clean shampooed scalp  along with the regular use of the appropriate hair care products our Head Spa Professionals will personalize for you is all you need.  We highly recommend you experience the appropriate Head Spa Ritual for your specific type of Hair Loss as we will analyze and thoroughly explain the procedures and methods of application, home care etc before you continue to do so at home.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our Progressive/Reactionary Hair Loss Programs and head spa package deals associated with them.



  • Gives you an effect of a ‘face lift’ and improved complexion by toning the scalp and promoting lymph drainage.
  • Prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Relieves migraines and stiff neck/shoulders due to cranial/physical tension
  • Repairs damaged hair via reconstructing the hair cuticle from within
  • Reduces stress and improve mood by increasing ‘feel-good hormones’ in the body: ie. Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin and reducing Cortisol.
  • Induces a sense of overall wellbeing as it stimulates the pressure points directly associated to various parts of your body.

HOW IS THIS DONE?… You are lying down in full reclining position on our ergonomic state-of-the-art chairs (the only ones existing in B.C.!).

WHAT PRODUCTS ARE USED?… We exclusively carry Rene Furterer scalp/hair care products formulated with pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts and essential oils known for their therapeutic properties and give results.

HOW OFTEN CAN THIS BE DONE?… A Head Spa is an Anti-Aging necessity! Anywhere from once a week to once or twice a month. If you are treating hair loss, once a week is strongly recommended.