Aging…from a Hair Couturiere’s perspective


Did you get a chance to get INSPIRED this summer?…

I did!!!

How about a chance to DEEPLY REFLECT on your existence?! :)…

You bet I did!!!

Please allow me to share with you the mind boggling works of art created by Nature which I have witnessed on my journey through the Canadian Badlands this August.
As you may know by now, I get inspired by shapes and colours from architecture, fine arts, fashion, people and dreams. Yes, my dreams!… As a matter of fact, it is a dream that I had a few months ago that led me to visit the Badlands in the first place!

The Badlands is known as the Canadian Grand Canyon. Below is a shot of the Dinosaur Provincial Park, about 200km East of Calgary. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where hundreds of fossils have been found. It is unfortunate that my camera simply does not do any justice to the true grandeur of reality… Just imagine you are standing exactly where I shot this photo and you look around 360 degrees and you see nothing but the horizon with this endless landscape. Now imagine that millions of years ago, this was all a subtropical rainforest where huge dinosaurs roamed around, birds the size of airplanes flying around. Then imagine the Ice Age. This was ALL COVERED in ice. It is the gradual melting of the glaciers which essentially “carved” out the landscape we see before us. If this doesn’t blow your mind and make you wonder about the insignificance of our existence on Earth, I don’t know what will!!!


One thing we all know for a fact is that change is inevitable.


Our landscape will forever keep on changing with erosion and all sorts of environmental factors. It has been reported that the Badlands are eroding about 10 times faster than the Rockies at about 4mm per year! A perfect example of erosion is the bizarre-looking “Hoodoo” formations at the top of the page and below:


Hoodoos are eroded pillars of soft sandstone rock with a more resilient cap. Once the cap goes, the pillar becomes more vulnerable to the environment and will rapidly start deteriorating.
I took a shot of this pretty little flower because I was so amazed by how beautiful and how powerful it grew out of such parched soil. The handsome little bee happened to pose for me as well…


Just as our landscape is constantly evolving, so are we. We all CHANGE and we age. There is no turning back the clock. (Please let me know if you find something that will). Our skin, our scalp, our hair conditions and texture change with internal health and with external environmental factors. However, we can either choose to let everything erode at a rapid pace….OR….opt to revitalize and rejuvenate!

From a “Hair Couturiere” perspective, here is my recipe for ‘delayed’ aging :)…

*Receive a Head Spa once a month to detox, tone and irrigate your landscape (ie. scalp!) to prevent “facial erosion”.
*Maintain a great shape on your head on a monthly basis to defy the visual gravitational force on your face.
*Eat well according to the seasons and only until you are half full.
*Always be grateful for what you have!
We look forward to seeing you again in September!

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