Anti-Progressive Hair Loss Triphasic Conditioner

Care for  a conditioner that increases the Growth Phase of your hair cycle?

It’s finally here!…The Triphasic Texturizing Conditioner that complements your Anti-Progressive Hair Loss Ritual.

Triphasic shampoo and the newly released Tripahsic conditioner!


Just like its accompanying shampoo, this conditioner’s key ingredients are Rene Furterer’s patent ingredients of natural Pfaffia (Brazilian Ginseng) extract and ATP (source of cellular energy).  It’s also enriched with texturizing wheat proteins,  strengthens the hair and visibly boosts volume at the roots and in the hair.  Not only that, the hair is left soft, shiny and resilient.  You’ll LOVE it!! All of Rene Furterer hair/scalp care products are SILICONE-FREE.  


Based on a consumer usage test carried out on 100 subjects and % satisfaction recorded:

97% felt their hair strengthened from the roots after 14 days of use

96% observed shinier hair after 14 days of use

95% saw visible volume after 14 days of use


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