Day 1 at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco


Yoko and I are now once again in San Francisco taking the Creative Cutting Course at the VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY.

We were here in May of this year, but the weather seems to remain the same every time we visit: Same cool wind, chilly in the morning and at night, but hot only where the sun hits. And would someone please explain to me why every time we come, we see half the population walking around in tanks and shorts while the other half including us, are bundled up in scarves and down jackets?

Sunday Oct 18, 9:30am: First day of class and only 4 students registered! How awesome is THAT??! This means more attention given to each of our technical needs!

We started off our day with a thorough review of the foundations of haircutting, followed by a demo by our instructor Creative Director, Nhi Tran:

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to our work sessions. We were each given a model, specifically chosen by our instructor who takes into account each of our level of professional experience and the kinds of techniques we want to work on. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work on my lovely model, Susan. She was open to going shorter and edgy, yet feminine at the same time.


I learned a big deal doing this haircut because it taught me a “different approach” to sectioning and handling hair. It also taught me how to deal with certain “problematic bone structures”. In the above case, Susan had a protruding parietal bone so we used sectioning and techniques that would mitigate it. I love the airiness of this shape, the whimsical soft outline constrasting the strong asymmetrical outline at the back.

Yoko’s model, the lovely Heike, was so happy with her cut that she was determined to fly to Vancouver and visit us to get her re-shaping:






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