Does the way you use your mobile devices affect your scalp and hair?

Did you know that a tight scalp can have a big impact on thinning hair and cause various scalp problems?

 So how do we get this tightness?…

Stress is a big factor; but you also get it by the angle of your head when looking at your mobile devices.  The head in a perfectly aligned person will weigh 12lbs.  However, for every inch of forward head posture, the weight of the head on the spine increases by 10lbs!

Now you can imagine a cascade of negative events happening inside the body due to this bad posture.  The scalp being directly connected to the face, neck and shoulders muscles are stretched and pulled, hindering blood circulation and lymph flow.

When micro-circulation in your scalp slows down, your hair cycle gets disrupted as well as hair growth.  Hair begins to thin because the follicles reduce in size and less nutrients and oxygen get access to the hair bulb.

Many of us focus too much on our hair and not enough TLC is given to our scalp.  Hair grows from a healthy scalp just like vegetables in fertile soil.

One of the solutions to relieving tightness and mental stress all together is experiencing Yoko’s Haute Coiffure’s 70 min Authentic Japanese Signature Head Spa. Our Head Spa begins with a thorough analysis of the scalp, followed by preparing, exfoliating, misting, deep cleansing, detoxing, massaging and treating.


Benefits of a Head Spa include:

  • Preventing hair loss and thinning hair and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Release stress and tightness all over the body.
  • Relieves scalp/hair problems.
  • Stimulate lymph and blood flow throughout the face and body for an anti-aging effect similar to a face lift.


Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa is the only salon offering Authentic Japanese Head Spa.  We offer various options which may be tailored to your needs:

  • 70min Signature Head Spa: From $145~
  • 40min Exclusive Head Spa Rituals (various): From $85~



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