Feb. 2015: Mika’s cool finds at MoMA in NYC!

Every year through March 8~10th, I attend the annual International Beauty Show (IBS) in NYC. I was well aware that it would still be cold; but when I arrived at 6am on Saturday I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise, blue sky and …. a wonderful wind chill of -11C. Vancouver suddenly seemed like Hawaii!!

Having  a free day to relax and take in the big city, I decided to visit MoMA and check out some of their  cool works involving “material sustainability”:

Hy-Fi Mycelium Bricks:

These bricks are essentially produced by combining corn stalks and specially developed root structures called mycelium taken from mushrooms. The two are combined in a mold and allowed to biologically cement through fungal growth. These bio-bricks create no waste, no energy and no carbon emissions.









Attracted To Light Lamp:

This lamp design was created by the trajectories of a moth when stimulated by light. Their path through the air is captured through cinematic technology and the shape is produced via 3D printing where the lasers solidify liquid or resin and create shapes such as this hanging lamp.













Kinematics Dress:

Following a body scan, the dress is created using a 4-D printing system which generates compressed objects that unfold into their intended shapes after printing. It is composed of thousands of interlocking components where each component is rigid, but behaves like fabric when combined as an aggregate.














Made of thin fiberglass, this becomes a scaffold for a partition when colonized by living plants. As plants crawl up the lace-like structure, the idea is to create a living wall indoor which divides the space and cleans the air we breathe.CRI_262052


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