Guarana: The Natural Hair Tonic

RENE FURTERER  has a new Energizing Anti-Hair Loss scalp care line called FORTICEA.

What it does:

  • Delivers Strength and vitality to hair and scalp.  It is a great daily shampoo for “hair loss prevention”.

Active Ingredients:

  • Micro-beads (biodegradable) packed with essential oils of Orange, Lavender and Rosemary: Purifies the scalp and stimulates microcirculation
  • Plant peptides:  Stimulates cell activity
  • Cleansing gel base: Respects the scalp’s balance
  • Guarana extract: Extremely energizing, 3x more potent than Caffeine.  This is the seed of a fast growing vine that grows deep in the Amazon rain forest
  • Menthol: Delivers an instant long lasting refreshing feel

What is GUARANA?…

This fast growing vine which grows in the lush Amazon Basin has been cultivated by the Guarani Indians for over thousands of years.  This plant could grow up to 12m in length and live 40 plus years.  The Guarana fruit has unique features- round, shiny, reddish nut-like pods that resemble an eye.  The locals refer to it as the EYE OF THE FOREST.  The indigenous would use the fruit to prepare a beverage that would allow them to spend days hunting without food and without feeling any fatigue.  The Guarana seeds have the highest CAFFEINE amongst any plant, along with many TRACE ELEMENTS AND MINERALS.  It is this caffeine which STIMULATES the hair shaft and helps it grow faster and which ACTIVATES the development of the hair bulb, hence FORTIFYING the hair.

You will love the ENERGIZING FRAGRANCE of Forticea shampoo and scalp tonic: It opens with fusing notes of ORANGE, MANDARIN and THYME.

When using the shampoo keep in mind to MASSAGE the microbeads into the scalp.  The ENERGIZING LEAVE-IN SCALP TONIC is to be used on either clean dry or damp scalp in sections along parting lines.  Gently massage it in using circular motions.  Due to a greater concentration of active ingredients in the tonic, this product ultimately strengthens hair and is a must for those who want to see more vitality in their scalp and hair shaft.

Try our 40min Anti-Hair Loss Head Spa Ritual, see how your feel!  We’re sure this will be one of your GO-TO SHAMPOOS & SCALP TONIC!! 🙂

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