Head Spas or “Scacials” in Hello! Magazine

You think that Head Spa still remains an obscure salon service?…

Well, it’s time to get with it!! 😉

With all the clients who come into our salon to receive our Signature Head Spa, nobody has heard about it and are intrigued by the whole concept of this amazing “scalp facial”!

We are delighted to see that Head Spa or “Scacials” are finally getting recognized amongst Hollywood A-listers. Check out this article in HELLO! Canada’s January issue where it talks about the importance of regular scalp massages, and scalp facials (“scacials”) which deep cleanse and detox the scalp:

Although…NOT so sure about the “scalp botox injection” bit to stop your hairline from sweating to make your blowout last longer…  One may want to rethink about doing anything that “goes against” what we were naturally given…

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