How to use our Japanese Bamboo Pin Brushes

Hi everyone!

Just returned from Japan and came back with a stock full of these long awaited Japanese handcrafted bamboo Pin brushes:

What is amazing about these brushes is that the “bristles”(in this case they are ‘pins’) are also made entirely of bamboo with rounded tips so that they are gentle on the scalp yet strong enough to leave you feeling super recharged and rejuvenated!  Moreover, these brushes are multipurpose:  They may be used not only on the scalp, but on the whole body!.  It serves to release tight muscle fascia, improve blood and lymph circulation throughout the body.

Bamboo Pin Brushes displayed at Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa


Here are some ways to use this multipurpose brush!:

Position the brush perpendicular to the scalp and brush through. Unlike plastic or natural bristle brushes, natural bamboo brushes are anti-static.


For those who have longer hair: Begin by detangling the ends before brushing the scalp.

Gently tap your scalp with enough force that will make it feel good. The rounded bamboo tips embedded in the resilient rubber cushion along with an air hole purposely located between the cushion and the handle allows the brush to be soft and gentle upon impact.

Gently stimulate the scalp using small zig-zag motions. This will begin to loosen tight scalp muscles and fascia.

Position the brush downwards onto the apex of the head. This acupuncture point at the top of the head is known to have numerous benefits ranging from reducing stress and improving sleep to treating migraines and diarrhea. Holding both the handle and the top of the brush with both hands, slowly press down  and allow the pins to “shiatsu” the points.


To achieve a face-lifting effect: Brush from the front hairline “upwards” to the back of the head.

Give yourself a facial shiatsu: Position the brush downwards and press it against the side of your face close to your eyes. Apply pressure for 5 seconds, release and repeat. You can repeat this process all over your face. Good for increasing microcirculation in the facial muscles. Relieves eye fatigue, under eye puffiness, water retention in the face etc.

Give yourself a neck massage: You can brush, press or tap along the side/back of the neck down to your shoulders. For lymph drainage, you can take the brush along the jawline up towards the back of the ears and down into the collarbone. You can also shiatsu the points along the neck using the tip of the brush handle.

Give yourself a shoulder massage: Great for headaches and stiff neck/shoulders. You can also use the dorsal wooden part of the brush for a stronger effect.

Release foot fascia to relieve foot tension and fatigue.

Give yourself foot reflexology: Using the tip of the brush handle, shiatsu the reflex points on the sole of your foot. Likewise for hand reflexology.


Stimulate pressure points around the face, neck, head, feet etc…



You can stimulate the sides of each of your digits by inserting it through the hole. You can also insert your index finger into this hole to INCREASE PRESSURE when doing reflexology on other parts of your body.


At the end of the day, JUST BE CREATIVE and use it in any way that makes you feel good!! 🙂  The more you FEEL GOOD, the MORE Endoerphin / Oxytocin ‘feel good hormones’ released!

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