How to use our Japanese wood body massager “Hachi-koro”

NEW! Introducing our Japanese wood body massager – “HACHI-KORO” (translated as “8 jiggle pins”!)

Dimensions  12.5cm x 7.5cm weight: 160g

What is it?

This is a full body wood massager.  The individual pins are made of natural wood.  What’s cool about them is that each of those pins move front/back and left/right, super effective in releasing tension and knots throughout the entire body.  As it moves up and down your body, you will probably feel surprisingly comforted by the unique “klik-klaking” sound made by the wood pins.  The black base is made of high quality durable and resilient rubber.  The resilience of this rubber is what makes this massager comfortable even when “tapped” on the head or any part of the body.  The shape is designed for 2 purposes in mind: Being ergonomic to the hand and the curved sides nicely fit the curvatures of the body.  You may use this on top of clothing or directly on bare skin rubbed with massage oil.  When using it on the head, make sure to drape your head with a cloth.

Some tips to keep in mind when using HACHI-KORO:

  • Keep breathing and don’t stop! Slowly inhale –> pause –> exhale through the mouth as your draining your lymph.
  • Keep a “loose grip” on your massager.
  • “Gently” stimulate your joints and lymph nodes.  Joints may be tender of sensitive.  Don’t be overly vigorous! That little bit of stimulation goes a long way!
  • Just like our bamboo scalp brushes, do not wash these under water!.  Just wipe it down with a damp or dry towel if they ever get dirty.

PART I:  General overview on how to use this massager

Drape a towel or a cloth on your head (to prevent hair being caught in the wooden pins) and roll the massager all over the head.

Stroke from top to bottom along both sides of your neck to drain lymph downwards.  You can also go up and down the back of the neck.



Roll the massager along the shoulders to relieve shoulder tension and knots.

Roll down along the inner and outer sides of your arms.  To reduce flabbiness of the underarms, aim at pushing the inner side of your arms outwards in circular motions.

Stimulate the metacarpals, outer side and inner sides of your hand.


Stimulate your calves and stroke it upwards.  Massage the back of your knees to drain the lymph into the lymph nodes located behind your knees.

To prevent cold feet, stimulate your soles. By promoting blood circulation in the soles, you’re essentially increasing circulation and lymph flow throughout the entire body.

Use circular motions or even ‘tap’ to relax the lower back muscles.  Great for back pain or general fatigue.


Get someone to do it for you!


Getting rid of full body FATIGUE:

For relieving whole body fatigue, lie down on your stomach and get someone to roll the massager up and down. This will promote blood circulation throughout.  Improving micro-circulation is key to removing toxicity within the body, which would lead to dull skin, weight gain, cellulite, cold hands/feet, hair shedding/thinning.  Incorporating a little bit of massaging daily will boost metabolism and circulation.

PART II:  How to DETOX and SLIM DOWN using the wood massager:

It’s important that we regularly remove toxins out of our system.  This is done by exercising, dry brushing, drinking purified water, breathing deeply, avoiding foods that cause blockage etc.  Our lymphatic system precisely help us get rid of this daily waste.  The lymph nodes are located in many parts of the body, including the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen and groin.  They are small lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells that fight infections.  They filter lymph fluid which is composed of fluid and waste products from body tissues.  Using this massager is one great tool to have for promoting lymph drainage throughout the body.

Promoting drainage in HEAD & NECK:

First of all, drape your head with a cloth or towel.  Starting from the top of the head roll the massager down along the back of the ears to the shoulders. Then repeat the same process passing along the front of the ears ending in the sternum. Make sure to continue draining from sternum down to the chest via gentle rolling actions. Repeat as many times as you like on each side.  This is great for reducing facial swelling and clearing any water retention along the decolleté (neck chest line for a slimming effect)


Lift your arm and using stronger pressure, roll the massager from the inner arm outwards as though you’re “pushing” to the outer side of your arm. Carry on into your arm pit and drain. Repeat on the other side.

Slimming down the WAIST-LINE:

Using stronger pressure, roll the massager from 3 different angles from the outer side of your waist towards your navel.  This will enhance metabolism and reduce belly fat.


First, stimulate the sole of your foot, then move up to the foot joint.  Roll up along the calf and gently stimulate the lymph nodes on the back of the knees.  After a couple minutes, roll up from the knee joint to the inner groin and outer hip joint. Focus on rolling up along both, the inner and outer side of the thighs. Repeat 10X on each side of each leg.


Take advantage of your new HACHI-KORO massager anytime anywhere! These are just  few ideas of what you can do to add a little bit of relaxation in your busy life and to enhance wellbeing.  Use it whatever way it may make you feel good.  Just be creative! ;).  Available exclusively at our salon.  $55 each.

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