Is It “Just a trim”?…(Yoko’s article in the North Shore News Dec. 14, 2018)

As a salon owner, one of my pet peeves is when a new client innocently asks: “How much for just a trim?”

Well, as there is no such thing as “just a trim”, it’s a hard question to answer.  Every client is unique and the cut needs to be tailored to their special circumstances.

Some people may not understand that cutting hair is about creating a “shape” on the head.  For that to be successfully executed, a Stylist needs a variety of techniques, an eye for style, and continuous training and experience.   Cutting hair is a delicate craft that we feel you need to strive to perfect and master continuously with education, practice and training.  It is effectively an art form that should be tailored to every individual.

At Yoko’s, we talk about creating the right “architecture” on the head that will be suitable for the individual’s head shape, bone structure , hair texture, lifestyle and fashion sense.  Whether it’s a few millimeters or 10 inches off, we aim to build a shape or architecture that should last for the next 6 weeks, until it starts getting heavier as hair does grow.  If a good structure is built, you shouldn’t have to spend forever styling your hair to make it look the way you want it or have to fight with your hair. Having good structure will allow your hair to grow out nicely as well.

When you’re young, long hair may not make a huge difference to one’s face; however, when you reach a certain age, we feel a shorter look is always most certainly “more uplifting”and flattering.  Those few millimeters taken off can have an enormous difference in making a more mature woman look beautiful and more youthful.  So, your personalized cut is more than just a trim. It’s what we call technical “reshaping”.

At Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa, we specialize in short, sophisticated, fresh cuts for the stylish mature women.

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