Scalp problems associated with Spring

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When you start seeing all the beautiful crocuses shooting up from the ground and spreading their petals up towards the sky, you can almost hear them cheering: “HOOORAAAY!! it’s about time!!…” It’s SPRING!

On the other hand, it’s that time of year when “everything” slowly begins to wake up, so there may be a lot of “instability” in our environment all together. Our body needs to adjust to these changes as well and that may not come so easily for some of us.

There are several problems that your scalp may encounter with the arrival of spring:

  • Reduced protective barrier of the skin/scalp due to the cold/dryness lingering on from winter.  Your scalp may feel more sensitive or irritated because of this thinning hydrolipidic film.
  • The slow rise in temperature may cause the scalp to sweat more, or to feel more oily.  However, the unstable weather conditions during this time of year where you have varying temperatures of warm and cold, you may not be able to tell whether you have a dry scalp or oily-prone scalp. It’s important that you know because that will determine which shampoo you should be using now.
  • Spring allergies may affect many people and get manifested in the form of various nasal symptoms, or irritated eyes.  However, it may also cause itchy scalp.
  • Increased UV rays begin around March.  Many people may assume that we get sunburns only during summer; but radiation becomes stronger in March.  It is essential that we protect our scalp on a daily basis so that it doesn’t get dry, red and sun burnt, worst case scenario, start flaking.
  • Lingering blood stagnation in the scalp and throughout the body due to relative lack of exercise and muscle movement during the cold winter months.  Lack of micro-circulation in your scalp and clogged hair follicles may cause you to lose more hair than usual.

As long as we’re alive, we all live in sync with the dynamic changes in Nature.  To avoid or prevent you from any of the above problems associated with seasonal transitions, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of caring for your scalp regularly by making our Authentic Japanese Head Spa part of your hair care regime.

Having a good foundation (ie. fertile soil) to grow healthy hair is a necessity along with good “hairchitecture” (ie. hair cut)!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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