The Before & After of our Signature Authentic Japanese Head Spa

We usually only take Before / After shots of the scalp in our 70min Signature Authentic Japanese Head Spa session.  However, here is a shot of the remarkable difference seen in our client’s face after our Head Spa session.  Her face is less swollen, brighter complexion, bigger eyes, cleaner face line…

It’s amazing how increased micro-circulation, lymph flow, purifying/ detoxing/ massaging the scalp and throughout the body can do!

If your scalp is looking like this initially…

And our Head Spa results in whiter, more translucent, juicy scalp; most importantly, wide open unclogged follicles…

There are ALWAYS significant changes taking place within the rest of the body.    Head Spa is about DETOX and ANTI-AGING!! 🙂

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