The secret to keeping your GLOW through the winter months



Do you feel “parched” these days?!   It’s so cold, dark, rainy and blustery and…and….

Unlike the warm summer season when we are naturally more active and perspiring, our bodies slow down for the winter season. We need to make more effort in boosting circulation, keeping moisture and encouraging cell turnover. In order to maintain your dewy complexion and healthy body during these stale winter months, it is vitally important that we discipline ourselves to make at least “one beautifying choice DAILY”. You can go ahead and make a whole list of New Year Resolutions and say: “I’ll start as soon as we get into January 2016!”…. but you know what? Research says about 22% of us ditch within a week. Don’t we??! Yes!! Just admit it!!

According to Oriental Medicine, your kidneys and adrenal glands are the organs of winter and they need to be strengthened. They are important organs of moisture, warmth and energy which we all need during this month. How do you support these organs?: By getting plenty of rest, relaxation and warming nutrition.

So how do you build and restore your GLOW this winter??…



Did you know that your scalp is 2~3 times more exposed to dryness, UV rays and external damage compared to your face? If the scalp is ignored and not properly cared for, the scalp, just like the face, loses its elasticity and tone. When the scalp starts to sag, so will the face! Do you see where I am getting at?…

Try out our 30 min Mini Head Spa ($65) prior to every hair cut. It will rev up the flow of lymph, detox your scalp, increase micro-circulation in the upper body, prevent hair loss while providing you with an effect of a face lift. This blissful treatment guarantees immediate and progressive results.

Our Deluxe 70 min “b-yu Signature Head Spa”($135) If you tried the Mini Head Spa and thought you became jelly, wait till you experience this one: This is a head-to-toe treatment that will sweep you off your feet and transport you to Cloud 9. This can also be done prior to your cut or blow drying service.



Be kind to your body and beauty by eating winter foods that are warming, nutrient-dense and beautifying:

GET COZY WITH FATS!!: AVOCADOS, WILD SALMON, WALNUTS will help with your skin moisture defenses and support balanced hormones, stabilize blood sugar and facilitate absorption of essential vitamins. Avocado not only gets easily converted to energy, it encourages the liver’s detox process which helps skin stay clear. Walnuts not only have skin strengthening omega-3s, they also have zinc essential for healthy skin and scalp and calming magnesium. Not getting enough of these fats will make you feel colder, hungrier and mentally ‘foggy’.

Get SWEATING!!... exercise to break out into a nice sweat to bring O2 and nutrition to your skin and hair, lower stress, detox, boost your immunity and endorphins!. This natural fluid will stimulate the natural release of oil that moisturizes and softens your skin and scalp.

HEAT IT UP BABY!...Try to eat warm cooked foods to go easy on the digestion more so than raw foods. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces skin redness and soothes pain and promotes digestion. Its beautifying compound gingerol has the power to suppress aging in cells so keep using it all year round!. Don’t forget your onions!: They are warming foods that boost circulation and its beauty compound, Allicin, stops the action of collagen-digesting pro-wrinkling enzymes in the body.

GET LOTS OF SLEEP!... Not saying to hybernate like bears, but winter is the time to get plenty of rest vital for weight control, adrenal health and beauty. Might be hard to tell you night owls out there to go to sleep earlier; but do you know WHY quality sleep is worth a hundred eye creams??… It’s called human GROWTH HORMONE. This hormone is released the very first few hours of deep sleep. Effectively, this hormone boosts skin cell production and collagen synthesis! Unfortunately both deep sleep and growth hormone decline with age so take advantage of it while you can!!!

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