Tonucia Natural Filler Pro-Youth Ritual

Tonucia Natural Fillers

Did you know? Stress can cause thinning, premature aging of the scalp and hair along with weakening of the hair fiber.  

Re-plump, Strengthen and Stimulate fine, aging, weakened hair with Rene Furterer’s new revamped TONUCIA Natural Filler Pro-Youth Ritual.  The shampoo, mask and scalp serum use plant-based Hyaluronic Acid to fill the hair: 25% Thickness, 17% Hydration, 70% Less Oxidative Stress on the scalp/hair after ONLY 1 use.  A delicious blend of Orange essential oil, Tamarind Seed, Lemon Balm and Wheat microproteins, the “Tonucia Natural Filler” treatments will restore the volume you’ve lost for fuller, thicker, younger looking hair. Tamarind Seed extract has proven improved efficacy over hair hydration compared to that of a classic hyaluronic acid.


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