Training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy London 2019 Day 3

It’s Day 3 at the Academy.  Today I had the pleasure of working on my beautiful model, Katie.  She wanted a shape similar to a “shag” that could be worn tousled while maintaining her current length.  I learned a lot from the techniques used in each of the intricate sectioning patterns.   Here is her BEFORE / AFTER:

#yokoscoiffure #loveshorthaircuts #lowerlonsdale

#yokoscoiffure #loveshorthaircuts #lowerlonsdale

This cutting technique was based on one of the looks in the latest 65.1 Collection of reverse layering. 

This technique was also presented in our class demo with greater intricate sectioning patterns to give the model a slight asymmetrical outline framing the face, deliberately uneven pointy perimeter with a soft dishevelled interior to allow the hair to move in different ways.

So much work and planning goes into creating a haphazard dishevelled look.  If the public/clients recognized all the artistry and techniques that go into “shaping” hair and making the hair move the way “you want it to”, they would see “hair cutting” in a whole new light!  However, it’s often more difficult to see details in longer hair.  That’s why I prefer working with shorter hair, simply because you see more of the shape, details and craftsmanship.  Plus, after a certain age, shorter hair IS more uplifting! 🙂 .













































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