Training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy London 2019 Day 4

Already Day 4?! It is often that I feel every time towards the end of my training week that I want to be studying and taking it all in….FOREVER!! :).. However, on the other hand, I am so revved up that I can’t wait to work on my clients when I return home and back to the salon!.

My last model for the course happened to be someone who was ultra conservative and who hesitated by the slight mention of layers.  She had fine hair, but relatively high density.  Her aim was to have it shorter, looking more like a one length bob.  This time, my training was focused on techniques of creating a clean outline with a ever so slight A-line perimeter, while creating internal movement using layers and graduation “embedded” within the shape.  As a result, the client feels as though she has a one-length, yet she will enjoy more movement within the hair when the hair is swung around or blown in the wind.  Going entirely one length would be much too heavy and static as a shape.





When I expand the hair cut, you see all the different lengths hidden within the shape allowing lightness and movement:


Here are some shots of shapes created by our instructors on various models in our presentations:

sassoon training

Nice face framing longer shape with soft, shattered perimeter…

sassoon academy model

sassoon academy model #yokoscoiffure

sassoon academy training

A bob aiming for a loose, “lived in” feel…
sassoon model

sassoon academy model

This cut was inspired by the A-line look in the 65.1 Academy Collection as well as our instructor, Daniel’s, love of Chloe Sevigny’s fashion:

Which of these lengths looks better on Chloe?  YES!!…the shorter cut is waaaay better!! 🙂 Much more sophisticated.










































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