What’s so special about Rene Furterer’s Shea Butter?

All hair/scalp care products from Rene Furterer are composed of high-grade essential oils and plant extracts developed in accordance with Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutical Botanical Expertise.  Their ongoing Innovation, Guaranteed efficacy and Preservation for sustainability and Respectful approach towards local producers are the brand’s 4 core values.   Amongst these values,  I would like to focus our attention on the latter – Respect.  In other words, prioritizing fair trade and accountable sourcing.

1 out of 2 women say they have dry to very dry hair.   Rene Furterer has identified a strong need of a hair care that will bring a solution to those problems using what they call the “Precious Gold Trio”:   Ethical 100% pure SHEA, ARGAN and MORINGA. The plants are harvested in their country of origin: Burkina Faso (Shea Butter), Morocco (Argan Oil) and Madagascar (Moringa Extract).

As you can see from the clip below,  the company has partnered with a local Shea harvester (SO TO KACC) providing them with improved technology in the harvesting of Shea and allowing more women to work and lead a more rewarding, financially independent life.  Rene Furterer’s guarantee includes complete traceability in the harvest zone and adherence to production procedures complying with the pharmaceutical culture.

Meanwhile, the production of Argan Oil in Morocco has helped the local economy by the creation of 3 kindergartens.  The harvesting of Moringa Extract in Madagascar is helping fight local malnutrtion.

If you have never tried Rene Furterer’s line for DRY to VERY DRY HAIR, you may never go back to anything that has “silicone”, that plastic ingredient that gives you a “false sense” of smoothness which is in fact drying out your hair…

Start giving your hair and scalp more TLC by being more conscious of WHAT you’re using and WHERE and HOW those ingredients are sourced and produced.  It will make a huge difference to your beauty regime.




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