What’s the difference between irritated and sensitive scalp?

Do you have SENSITIVE or IRRITATED scalp?  How do you distinguish between the two?

Sensitive/Irritated scalp and skin are becoming more of a common phenomenon in our modern world.  Based on a 2012 consensus, 52% of European women have irritation and 42% have sensitivity issues.  But the main difference between the two is that sensitive scalp is a condition that is chronic and permanent in which there is cell hypersensitivity along with often associated dryness.  Meanwhile, irritated scalp is a temporary flare up and often associated with dandruff and/or oiliness/dryness.



Here is a comparison:

In both cases, it is important that we build up hydrolipidic film which is that protective layer on the skin guarding you from the external elements.

Irritated scalp is also often associated with either dry dandruff or oily dandruff, oiliness or dryness so it requires our thorough analysis and personalized Head Spa.

In general,  we recommend The ASTERA line from our Rene Furterer hair/scalp care for those with sensitive and irritated scalp .

First of all start off your scalp with Rene Furterer’s Astera Soothing Freshness Fluid:

Rich in cooling mint, Eucalyptus, camphor and anti-inflammatory Aster extract, this fluid is meant to be massaged into your sensitive scalp prior to your treatment shampoo. It also contains plant squalene which will rebuild the hydrolipidic film.

If you have ultra sensitive scalp:

This shampoo consisting of Asteraceae extract and whitch hazel floral water is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, silicone, dyes and phenoxyethanol. This shampoo will cleanse while strengthening the natural defences of your scalp therefore reducing sensitivity.

If you have irritated scalp:

Soothes and cleanses the scalp using Asteraceae extract, peppermint, eucalyptus and camphor, witch hazel floral water to strengthen the immune system and protection on the scalp.

For instant soothing and long lasting protection:

A leave-in soothing serum that has an instant “icing-effect”. Apply every time on areas that are itchy or irritated and it will begin restoring your scalp’s ability to protect itself long-term. Anti-inflammatory and healing.


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