What’s the difference between your scalp and other skin?


The face and the scalp are connected with one thin sheet of skin.  The skin structure is pretty much the same, but scalp skin is one the thickest skin in the body.  It measures up to 8mm!.  It also carries more blood than the rest of your skin.  Wondered why head wounds bleed so much?…This is precisely the reason: The face and scalp have many blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. 

The biggest difference between scalp and facial skin is that the scalp  has more sebaceous glands (ie. lipid and sweat) than any other part of the body.   Having said that, the scalp happens to be located underneath massive amounts of  hair (unless you’re bald!).  This means that it has a greater “tendency” to become damp and dirty if not properly maintained.  

In addition, the scalp has a Lower Barrier Function, meaning it’s not very proficient at maintaining and replenishing hydration compared to skin found in other places.   If you’ve got  hair that will protect you from the harsh effects of external elements, why would you need a high barrier function, right?. This extreme ‘delicate’ nature of the scalp unfortunately invites all sorts of skin problems compared to other areas of the body.

The scalp is known to be one of the dirtiest parts of the body. We now know why!!  Many of us have a good skincare regime for our face, so why neglect your scalp?

It is imperative that we start giving  our scalp abundant  T.L.C.!!  🙂



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