Yoko’s Haute Coiffure: Certified Sustainable Salon


In 2017, our salon diverted 219 pounds of waste from the environment, big thanks to Green Circle Salons!  Check this out:

We’re very proud about being a member of GREEN CIRCLE SALONS not only because we know we’re helping protect the environment but because we feel we’re part of the cutting edge of “regenerative designs”.  For instance, GCS has now created a new “Hair Fibre” based plastic!.  Now THAT’S EXCITING!! 🙂

Salons go through A LOT OF ALUMINIUM FOILS!  Imagine all those foils in North America which we used to throw away into the bin now being collected and recycled!  A whopping 229,281 pounds of aluminum were recycled in 2016!! The energy saved from this is equivalent of powering 3744 hairdryers for one year! 🙂


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