Your scalp and the four seasons

Hello everyone!

Ever wonder whether composer Antonio Vivaldi had any scalp issues?…

Probably not. Most people are not even “aware” about the state of their own scalp!

According to literature, Vivaldi was constitutionally weak and sickly. However, he inherited his father’s musical abilities as well as his flaming red hair.
Listening to “The Four Seasons” — my all time favorite — I feel that the music not only reflects the changes in climate throughout the seasons, but also the effect that the seasons have on our scalp.
“Seasons are the natural global earth clock and the rhythm of the world” (quote from Tibetan Medicine Education Center)

Are you aware that changes in temperature, humidity, environment will affect your scalp condition? Also, you may see greater hair loss, itchiness and other hair/scalp issues during seasonal “transition periods”.


Are we not having the most unpredictable weather lately? We call it “Spring”. One day it feels like mid-winter, the next day like summer, along with rain, hail and storm somewhere in between! No wonder so many people experience changes in their health during this time of year.
There is a sharp rise in pollen and dust in the air. The rise in moisture increases fungal spores causing allergies in many people. Daylight savings which causes us to lose an hour of sleep has a big impact on our system because of the shift in daylight. This is why it’s so hard to get up in the morning in March because it’s “still DARK”!! Melatonin which is naturally produced in the brain is increased when you’re in the dark, but naturally suppressed with exposure to light. With the body feeling sluggish with sleep deprivation, our body may crave for carbohydrates. In addition, it’s tax season! All this stress impacts our scalp and is one of the main factors for hair loss or irritation.


This is when UV rays are at its peak. Did you know that our scalp gets 2~3 times more exposure to these harmful rays than our face? It’s important to protect your head by wearing hats; but the other side of the coin is that hats will stifle the scalp/hair, another cause for thinning hair. You want proper “air circulation”, just like preventing mold growth in your home! Also, summer is when we sweat more, so it is important that we properly “cleanse” the follicles.


In Japan, there is a saying: “Autumn Appetite (or ‘Shokuyoku no aki’)”. This essentially means that autumn is the season to have good appetite because the autumn harvest brings an abundance of food. Once again, your scalp will change with a change in diet and consumption habits. Moreover, this is the time when the effects of dryness and damage from the UV rays over the summer months are reflected in the scalp and hair. You will most likely see increasing hair loss during the months of October and November.


Everyone claims that their hair gets most damaged during this time of year. Same goes with our scalp. The colder climate will slow down blood/lymph circulation in the scalp, therefore preventing oxygen and nutrients to get access to the hair bulb. That is why our skin/scalp/hair become more dehydrated and flaky.



We hope you have become more aware that your scalp requires constant TLC based on the seasons and life changes you are going through. Problems like hair loss doesn’t happen all of a sudden for no reason. You can always “prevent” it. Unfortunately, most of us get concerned when you start getting symptoms! So here are some tips on how to avoid having scalp/hair issues:

  • Make sure you are using the “appropriate” hair care for your scalp and hair.
  • Make sure you are “conscientiously” shampooing Brush your hair using a natural wooden brush or natural boar bristle brush
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair! (dampness will give rise to bacteria)
  • Get a Head Spa every month or every 6 weeks to keep checking your scalp health. If not, every season just to make sure your hair care is on track with the “natural global earth clock”! 🙂

Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa offers 2 kinds of Head Spa services:

  • 65 min Signature b-yu Head Spa
  • 35 min b-yu Mini Head Spa

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