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Head Spas or “Scacials” in Hello! Magazine

You think that Head Spa still remains an obscure salon service?… Well, it’s time to get with it!! 😉 With all the clients who come into our salon to receive our Signature Head Spa, nobody has heard about it and are intrigued by the whole concept of this amazing “scalp facial”! We are delighted to…Continue Reading

Yoko’s Introducing New Ammonia & PPD Free Honey Based Hair Colour!

Hi Everyone! If you colour your hair, what are some fundamental qualities you look for in your colour? For the last decade, Yoko’s has been dedicated to providing hair care products that are health-friendly, environmentally-friendly, animal cruelty-free AND deliver the results. We are continuously in search for the creme-de-la-creme of all healthy hair care. That…Continue Reading