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Visiting Rene Furterer Institut in Paris

Ahh….La France…Quel beau pays…

We’ve been carrying the Rene Furterer hair/scalp care line for over 30 years and I never had a chance to visit headquarters in France.  Well this year, my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary so guess where we chose to go?  OUI OUI, La Belle France!!

Rene Furterer Paris is located in the heart of the lovely Place De La Madeleine — one of the richest neighbourhoods in Paris notorious for luxury shopping and prestigious fine dining.  I had arranged to meet the Director who offered me a tour of their salon and a complimentary Scalp Treatment.

The ‘Institut’ was a little difficult to find just because it was hidden from the main street.  However, once you saw the iconic dark green plaque on the concrete wall, you were directed through an exclusive gate-like entrance.  Flanked both sides by potted bamboo plants, I walked through the quiet courtyard which led me to my long awaited destination…





















The door was locked unless one rang the door bell.  Once inside, the well lit serene space was devoted to a minimalist waiting area and a large reception desk.  Huge pots of gorgeous white orchids were seen decorating the entrance and the front desk.

My initial scalp analysis using a scope was done in a small room next to the front desk:

Then I was led upstairs along the beautiful spiral staircase…

This led to a corridor with two treatment rooms and the salon space at the end:











The shampoo area:

Posing with the Rene Furterer Institut Scalp Therapist (left) and the Directeur (right):

After having experienced their relaxing scalp treatment, I felt so rejuvenated, I was ready to walk another 10K around the city of Paris.  However, my stomach was telling me it was time to eat instead and we ended up plunking ourselves down at a nearby cafe patio to savour some wonderful “pot-au-feu”…

The effect of our Head Spa on scalp overtime

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