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Ready for a scalp detox?

Happy New Year everyone!  Ready for 2019?  I learned a whole lot last year and I’m ready to embrace it all this year! 🙂 .

However,  in order to embrace fully what is to come, it’s often important to let go of all the bad energy from the past.

Same with the scalp.

Why not start start the year and start detoxing.  I mean “really” giving your scalp some TLC so that we not only benefit the whole body’s stress level and improve blood circulation, we’re preventing thinning or hair loss in the future.

Yoko’s Haute Coiffure & b-yu Head Spa has been exclusively carrying Rene Furterer for over 30 years because we believe in the quality, the effectiveness and in the philosophy of the company.  The COMPLEX 5 is the “Original Scalp Detoxifying Treatment” since 1957.  Strong, beautiful hair begins at the root, just like harvesting fresh vegetables in fertile soil.  The COMPLEX 5 is a pre-shampoo scalp treatment consisting of pure essential oils of Orange and Lavender to deeply purify and energize the scalp.  This powerful botanical elixir does the following:

  • Deep cleanses and opens up the pores
  • Detoxes removing impurities, excess sebum, product buildup and sweat.

Try our 70 min Signature Authentic Japanese Head Spa and see how you feel and see what difference it makes to your scalp.  For one thing, we assure you that after your Cloud 9 experience, you’ll be ready to take on the world! 😉


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